Created in 2011, by growers for growers, Borealis‘s mission is to regroup the offer of emerging small fruits in order to condition and commercialize them at their best value depending on current market opportunities.

2021 is Borealis Nature Fruit tenth operating year with  and we are proud to have establish the best market network of haskap in Canada.

In order to manage to offer a reliable network, we had to innovate, collaborate, get together and join other leaders. This allowed us in 2012 to begin offering a mechanized harvesting service while haskap was harvested for the first time in Quebec. We are already allowing each grower to sell their crop at a fair price. At that point, we had managed to create a real marketing network for haskap.

Therefore we could believe that it was possible to develop a real industry for this new crop. As we had formed an alliance with experts and leaders and because clients in Quebec and all over the world were now paying interest  in this new cuture, we knew it was now on possible to make this cuture profitable in a medium-term horizon. We were in business!

This network became the most effective way to stimulate growth of the haskap industry in Quebec, as it guarantees each producer to sell their fruits. It also reassures financial institutions and government bodies on the pertinence to support implementation or development of haskap projects.

For over five eight, Borealis Nature Fruit buys, offers harvesting service, provides transport to the plant and supports the development of haskap industry throughout Quebec and elsewhere in Canada.

Often Borealis Nature Fruit provides to new growers a letter of intent to purchase all fruits in order to reassure financial institutions. We also provide our support for innovation projects and even to other organizations such as “Camerise Quebec” for example.

Borealis Nature Fruit is and will remain a leader in the development of haskap in Quebec.

We have to heart to improve our services and this is why we have since 2015 integrated in our service offering the delivery of the fruits to the plan via a refrigerated cube truck. This allows us to guarantee the quality maintain of the harvest until it get weighted at the factory. This is a crucial processing step as each producer is paid from of the fresh fruit upon their arrival at the factory Borealis Nature Fruit is therefore responsible for looking after the responsibility of the fruits, the cleaning lost and possible market price fluctuations.

We are always working with our grower customers for the development of haskap in Quebec and we will continue to fullfill our mission for years to come. Together, we are more than ever in business!


The team Borealis Nature Fruit